Remote control system for grow lighting, Hydroponic/Greenhouse, Controled and Monitored

Remote wireless controled and monitored system for grow lighting hydroponic/greenhouse

1000W electronic FOR HPS double ended
Full Name: Data Processing Transfer Unit
Control Signal Wifi and RF
Operating Device Smart Phone or PC
Max controls 1024 SA Devices
Input voltage 12V DC
L*W*H 140mm*77mm*28mm
N.W 115 g
1000W electronic FOR HPS double ended
Full Name: Signal Adpter
Control Signal RF(915M Hz)
Conmmunication Port RS485
Linked With 1 E-Ballast
Input voltage 5V DC (from E-Ballast)
L*W*H 140mm*77mm*28mm
N.W 115 g

Remote control system (RCS)

Remote control system (RCS) is guaranteed to be the best instrument to dramatically reduce costs as well as improve the reliability and quality of Grow lighting facilities. it is designed to give full monitoring and control capabilities to its users ,such as :the control of each and every light point, the harvesting of intelligent reports and alerts and utilizing the automatic schedulers among many other valuable functions.

Main functions of this system:

a) On-off control: It can control any lamp, any circuit or any self-defined lighting fixture

b) Dimming Control:It can control dimming of any lamp, any AREA or any self-defined lighting fixture

c) Status enquiry: It supports status checking of lamp, current, voltage, power and other data.

d) Failure warning: When something wrong with the lighting fixture, the signal light in monitoring center will turn on by itself to send failure notice

e) Mobile phone remote control: It supports mobile phone remote control to fixture switch, dimming and warning alarm.

f) System monitoring function: It shows many statistical data like power, voltage, current for user’s better operation

g) Data report function: It can creat curve of light working rate and offer analysis to user.

h) Data-save: This function can help to save the history record of commands execution

i) Maintenance and other function: It supports long-distance parameter set-up and other expanded function.

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