400W Electronic ballast for CDM/CMH 208v/240v/277v,low frequency square wave 130Hz, Hydroponics/Green house, Support remote wireless controled system

400W CDM/CMH Electronic ballast 208v/240v/277v Use for Hydroponics/Green house

400W CDM/CMH Electronic ballast,Low frenquncy square wave

400W electronic ballast for CDM/CMH
E-ballast Model# HID-400W-208/240/277Vac Lamps CDM/CMH 400W lamps
Safe Voltage range (AC)* 165Vac-265Vac Or 220V-315V Ignition Switch-off Time 20 min
Working Voltage (AC)** 208/240Vac Or 277Vac
120V need customized
Ignition Voltage 2.2(min),6 kV (max)
Power factor 0.99 Input cricuit 1.813@240V 1.565@240V
Input Power 435W@240V 430W@277V Output Power 400W@240V / 277V
Out frequency 130Hz (Low frequency square wave) THD < 7%
Efficiency 92%@240V 92.5%@277V Led status Optional
Dimmable(Optional) Support remote controled from MP or PC Fixture/Refelctor Grow lights reflectors
L*W*H 262*125*85 Net weight 1.5 Kg
Inner-box Size No inner-box CTN Size 50*25*25
Qty/CTN 4PCS FOB Port Qingdao.China

Features - 400W electronic ballast for CDM/CMH hydroponics/greenhouse, low frequency suqare wave

Protection - 400W electronic ballast for CDM/CMH low frequency suqare wave

Event Action LED shown Remarks
Normal Operating Input voltage
Set power
Shown input voltage and set power alternately, each 4 seconds;
Input voltage high Turn off HU
Input voltage
Input voltage>265Vac, LED show HU and current input voltage alternately;
Input voltagelow Dimming
Turn off
LU; or--
Input voltage
Set power
Input voltage<85V → turn off → LED show LU;
85V<Input voltage<105V → educe output power → LED show input voltage and set power alternately;
Short circuit Turn off I----I
Open circuit Turn off -I I-
Over heated Dimming Temperature
Set power
Inner temperature>105℃ → Reduce output power to 80%;
LED show inner ballast temperature and set power alternately;
Lamp off Turn off OFF
Dimming Dimming Set power Show current set power for 5 seconds ;

Integrated Fixture and Lamps - 400W electronic ballast for CDM/CMH hydroponics/greenhouse low frequency suqare wave

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